Monday, September 19, 2011

Coilgun Model Movie Prop Pictures

I took some more pictures of my coilgun movie prop models. Read more after the break!
As you can see I added a 4x20 scope. It just gives this model the look of something you'd find in a science fiction movie.
In this picture you can see the model's batteries/energy source:
a 9V battery
There's a double capacity switch as you can see. You can either choose 2200 uF or the full 4400 uF - the choice is yours and the different sounds while charging are defenitely a nice gimmick.


  1. So cool! I love the look of it too...the laser is just sick! :D

  2. bigger better harder, you will be soon hunting cows ! :D

  3. That was really sensational. I'm sure that it would be really fun to play with that. I hope you had more awesome ideas that will flood your mind. :D

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  4. as an fyi to americans, homemade guns do not require a liscense

  5. Well, 4400 uF it is! But do you have any idea how fast it shoots?