Thursday, March 31, 2011


Solar Mp3 Speaker

Some time ago I bought a nice little cubic speaker with volume control and internal batteries.
So I decided to combine the speaker with another two gadgets I had lying around:

Old Mp3-Player

Old solar garden lamp

I took apart the solar garden lamp and used the solar cells as a powersource for my old
Mp3-Player. I took apart the old Mp3-Player,too. All buttons were re-located and connected through thin wire. And this is what the result looks like: 
a fully functional solar powered portable Mp3-Player with speaker:

And here you can see the Mp3-Player integrated in the speaker :
I added an extra solar cell to improve the loading process

This is a simple schematic:

Here a full view of my new gadget:


Monday, March 28, 2011

Mars World

Mars World

After I built my little rover I decided to create a small model of mars' surface.
The rover should drive around in this model while being observed through a webcam.
I took original NASA photos and built a artificial horizon:

Original NASA Images:

This is the result:

and out the rover's sight:
Just as if you drove around Mars yourself:
Probably I will set up a webpage so that anybody is able to control the rover over the internet..

Wireless camera attatched to kite

Kite Camera 

Some time ago i attatched my little wireless 2,4 Ghz camera to my kite.
Made a nice video but see for yourself:


..flying some loops and crashing into the ground .

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miniature Mars Rover

Miniature Mars Rover

Some time ago i built a little rover.
This little vehicle was supposed to drive through sand and due to this it has a 4wheel-drive.
Additionally I installed a little gripper at the front so this little guy is able to pick up little stones.

Here is a video when I was testing the four-wheel-drive:


Haven't finished the rover yet...

Panic Button Box

Panic Button Box

This is a transparent box which opens automatically if you hold a magnet to its side.
The panicbutton inside is connected to an old remote and turns on 
an old lamp. Nothing exciting but fun to play with:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Addition to "Homemade inexpensive Rockets"

I am not encouraging anybody to try this at home! 
I already did -->so just lean back and enjoy the results!
Furthermore I am not responisble for any kind of damage caused throug your experiments.

In Germany it is very difficult to purchase any rocketmotors for private use. We can't even get gunpowder or anything else sparkly due to our restrictions concerning fireworks and all the funny stuff....

Just see for yourself:


As you can see I used a also homemade rocket ignitor combinde with a veeeery long cable because distance is your only friend !

Homemade inexpensive Rockets

How to build real rockets

You will need three things and two tools:
  • You need matchsticks (about three packages)
  • You need cat litter (a handful of )
  • You need an old ballpen made of aluminium or hard plastic 
Tools needed:
  • drill 
  • muddler 

First step is to fill some catlitter into your empty ballpen and compress it very hard!

The catlitter is used to form your rocket's nozzle.
The second step: 
Take the matchsticks' heads and grind them to a fine powder.
Insert this powder carefully into the rocket:

Compress this powder, too. But be very gentle - i will ignite under too much pressure!!!

Now you have to close your rocket with catlitter:
To finish this rocketengine you have to drill a hole from the botten to about the halft of the matchstickpowder.The hot gases will escape throuh this hole and create thrust:

Now your rocket is ready to be fired! Attach some wings and put a rocket igniter into the hole:

Here the video:

Be careful and have fun!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


In this post I will show you my homemade CNC-mill.
The mill is entirely made of stuff you can get at the hardwarestore.
I did not use pricy step-motors but cheap and strong geared motors from electric screwdrivers.

Threaded rods were used to create a prepulsion-mechanism.
This is the Z-axis.

X and Y axis:

Just attached my dremel and milled the first piece.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Homemade DIY Beamer
In this post i will show you how i built my own OH-Beamer from an old computerscreen.
First i had to remove all the backlightning of the screen so that you're able to see through.
The next part was to install the screen and its driver and powersource on the OH-projector
After installing all the driverboard and powersource i had to build a cooling system in order to prevent the screen from getting damaged through the OH's lightsource.
Cool air gets sucked in at the front and flows under the screen right through the driver board.
Two pieces of  black felt decrease the stray ligth from the OH-projector.
Here a example of the image: