Monday, June 11, 2012

Flat Ipod Shuffle Connector

I am using my Ipod Nano for years now and I have to say Apple did a good job with this little Mp3 player. There was only a little problem with the connector since it was very cumbersome and I wanted to take it with me in my laptop bag. 
Thats why I disassembled the plug :

Read more for the whole mod!

If you want to open the Ipod connection base you have to do it from the bottom.

And there's the circuit board! Lets take a closer look at it:

I took a hot wire to cut through the plastic and remove the 3,5mm plug without damaging the connections:

I took a little white piece of plastic and glued the circuit board onto it:

At the end I added the original Apple logo to my new flat connector:

And thats how I transformed the bulky connector to a flat one!


  1. Not bad at all! though the felt doesn't quite go with Apple's "make it shiny" rule xD

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  3. I as of late went with my new Shuffle, and when I got to my terminus I uncovered that the vertical attachment of the dock that associate with the mix had snapped off in my knapsack, rendering the dock futile. This highlights a configuration imperfection in the outline of the dock that accompanies the second era iPod Shuffle, in that the vertical attachment is powerless harm. Maybe Apple ought to consider making accessible a less expensive option USB connector for the second era ipod Shuffle that does not emphasize the upright base of the dock, yet rather a basic TV with a USB plug toward one side and earphone like attachment at the other.~Steven.