Coil Gun Movie Prop

When a fellow video game designer asked me, what a futuristic energy weapon could look like, I built this model!
More pictures and videos here!

This is the circuit behind the coilgun electronics built into the model. These electronics simulate a coilgun and add to the futuristic theme with their distinctive charging sound and energetic nature.

A real coilgun is basically a electromagnetic linear accelerator.

I used a toygun’s hull and modded a coilgun inside.
Here’s the coilgun’s circuit:

As you can see, the copper coil is placed in the center and the electronics are fit inside an extension at the front.
The capacitor is hidden inside the model’s grip.
It’s capacity is 800 yF at 300V.
The semiconducter I used is a 2N6509.

I added a switch to the trigger.
Pulling the trigger will discharge the capacitor and create a magnetic  pulse which in theory accelerates small pieces of metal.
The distinctive and fascinating sound of charging and discharging the capacitor adds another level of realism to the futuristic theme.
The kinetic energy of the real circuit is under 0,08 Joule.
 Additionally I modified the reloading mechanism. Pulling back the slide will place a metal projectile in front of the coil.

This model looks like something straight out of a video game. Designing something futuristic one must allways try to use technology that already exists. The next step is imagining what could be possible with parts and components that are lighter, smaller and more powerful. Take all of this into account and you’ll end up with a realistic but futuristic piece of technology.
Here are more of my models and designs.


  1. You could make the forward addition bigger to house the capacitor(s) as well. depeding on the projectile you could still keep the original softair mag in for higher capacity, eventhoug it would still require manual reload.

  2. this is epic! I've always wanted to make one but I saw that the circuitry for the capacitor looked pretty daunting then i had an idea to use a single use camera for the flash (it's about 240V isn't it?) which would work well. I'm glad someone put the effort in to prove it 😀
    I'm way too lazy to make anything like this XD
    nice job!

  3. hrm.. now if we would mod this into a longer barrel, with more coils (and adding capacitors/charge as needed) would it become a sort of long range rail gun :D?.. hahah one of these days im gona craft one but not lookign for anythign lethal, kist to know over some cans XD

  4. unfortunalety the projectile isn't as fast as the tiny soft-air bullet fired by the original gun, but it is a nice work at all…

  5. Now what you need to do is Make a Video Of you Making it…. And a list of supplies… Make a simple Version of the Video For idiot to Shoot there eye out…

  6. charge circuits from disposable camera's are great, can charge up to about 415-420v if you are using a three volt battery, you can wire them in series to cut down charging times and best of all you can get them for free! go to some place that develops them and ask for the old ones, if asked why tell them you want the battery's from inside
    just be careful as a 400v shock F***ing hurts and can potentiality kill

  7. Hurts yes but its noting compared to six of the 330v caps in series. And no it cant kill. There isn't enough energy inside of a 1.5v battery to provide both the voltage and current to kill.

  8. It may not necessarily require a manual reload. If you really weakened the hammer spring you could rig a small motor to "cycle" the guns reload mechanism

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