February 22, 2012

Simple Rotating Plate

Sometimes you would need a simple rotating plate for various applications but you don't want to install a lot of sensors and transistors. Well, here's a simple solution! With this rotating disk you can decide if you want to rotate full 360° back and forth or any other angle!

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These are the few parts you will for this project:

You will need one normal 6 pin on/on switch. 
You can by this switch here:   

The switch has to have six pins and two on positions!
The most important part is a DC electric motor, which is somehow connected to a plate or disk.
The motor has to be DC. You will be able to find something appropriate for your project!
I used an old geared DC motor and added a simple plate to the axis:

Now we have some soldering to do!
Just take some wires and solder the switch's pins together as shown in the pictures below:

The red and black wire go to the power supply.
In this case it is a 5 Volt DC pc power supply.

The blue and white wire are connected to the DC motor. Wired this way you're able to make the connected motor go forward & backwards.
If you take the wired switch and mount it to the rotating motor as shown in the videos, the disk will rotate around whatever angle you wish.
Perfect for a simple rotating webcam:

In this setup the camera rotates full 360°.
You're still able to control the motor's speed via voltage or a simple pwm.
Adding another little piece of wood to the disk creates a new angle, for example 180°:

There are various possible applications!
From rotating security cameras to winding up your automatic watch, there's so much more!

Build your own rotating disk!
Take some pictures and send me an email!