August 31, 2012

Remote Controlled Water Squirt Gun

It's summer! It's hot and this will help you cooling down!

Read more for the whole story including videos and pictures!

Here's the video about the whole project:

It all started with this little 6€ automobile water pump I bought on Amazon.

I attached the pump to an empty bottle and mounted both on a piece of wood. Then the whole Idea of a remote controlled water gun came up and I designed this out of aluminum parts:

As remote control I used an old 4 channel remote setup.
It uses two servos: one modded for continuous rotation (explained in another post) and the other not modded or changed at all. 
Aiming was pretty poor so I decided I needed some First-Person-Camera mounted on the water gun with live streaming to a display on the remote control.
This is a 2.4 Ghz wireless receiver for my wireless video cam.
It has a 12 Volt rechargable battery attached to it.
The screen I used is a simple rear-view car monitor which cost 20€ on Amazon.
After attaching both to the remote this is what it looks like:

Here's a little 3D view of the remote:
And here are some pictures of the masterpiece:
For aiming purposes I added a little laser diode aligned with the water pump:
And here's the demonstration footage: