May 6, 2013

Homemade Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark 1

It is not a secret that I am a huge Iron Man fan. 
I fulfilled myself a dream building my own Arc Reactor!
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At the beginning I designed all the parts in Adobe Illustrator. I cut them out of 2mm thick acrylic with the help of a lasercutter. 

I am currently giving away the plans in exchange for donations for my website! I am also giving away a complete set of the lasercut parts in exchange for a donation to my website! Drop me an e-mail under the contact section!
If you're looking for a demonstration video scroll down to the bottom of the page!

These are the basic components. I etched a dot matrix onto some parts in order to disperse the led light better. Most background lights have these dots on them. Add some black, silver and copper paint:
Clip together two of the outer rings with the spacers seen above in the left top corner:
Starts looking a bit more like an Arc Reactor from Iron Man, doesn't it? 
Now I added the background plates for the reactor's coils.
 The Arc Reactor's core consits of three rings and the silver mesh:
 With the help of some paint and aluminum a fourth ring is held right above the core.
 Here you can see the Arc Reactor's inner parts fully assembled:
The next step was winding the coils! The wire I used for this task is coated 0,8 mm thick copper wire.
Additionally I added a layer of paper for better reflection of the blue Leds. There are 10 coils on the Arc Reactor. 5 have blue Leds beneath them. I inserted them through a little slot from bottom into the acrylic and then wound the wire around it.

All Leds need some resistors! I allways wired up two leds in parallel and added the right resistor. For finishing the baseplate watch the video below. 5 Leds go into the ring and 3 Leds go into the baseplate's spaces. Wire everything up, glue it together and your homemade Iron Man Arc Reactor is ready for the next costume party! 

Here is the video for some more details:

I am currently giving away plans and parts in exchange for some donations! Feel free to contact me!